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MADWOMAN’s roots trace back to 2014 as an ethereal garage funk soul trio, and they have since blossomed their sound into a five-piece psychedelic alternative-indie pop machine. With members Leni Luna (vocals), Chandler McFarland (guitar), Riley Sechrest (bass), Samuel Arnold (guitar/keys), and Unmil Patel (drums), the electric synergy and story behind their music will soon far outreach Florida’s borders.

Infused in a kaleidoscopic dreamscape of modern ferver, Leni’s soul-filled angelic voice rings out in cathartic release, leaving the band and fans alike mesmerized and ever present. The MADWOMAN name came about in the ponderings of what it means to live a life both dynamic and fulfilling - attracting fans who are also mad to love and mad to live. The band transmutes their energy and takes the crowd with them in ascending into a space for healing, growth, and connection.

The “Make the Moment'' EP is really the beginning of the journey for MADWOMAN. In August 2021 they won the Fall MusicGNV Recording Grant and used the studio time to record four original songs, including “Unfold” and “Strething Thin”, that were written amidst the uncertainty of the pandemic.


MADWOMAN was complete in January 2022 with the addition of Riley, while simultaneously joining the Swamp Records community. With the EP and newer singles like “Nowhere To Run”, “Inside My Head”, and “IDK” available on all streaming platforms, the band has amassed over 65k streams and nearly three thousand monthly listeners on Spotify alone. The group has since headlined a multitude of shows, hosted wildly successful release parties, performed at several music festivals (most notably Okeechobee Music Festival), and created a tech-driven experience for their audience. Their strong, engaging presence during performances is their forte, and that has allowed them to quickly grow their fanbase and appeal with live shows in Orlando, Tampa Bay, Miami, Tallahassee, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Melbourne & more.





Gasparilla Music Festival (Feb '24)

Okeechobee Music Festival (Mar '22, '23)

Flipturn's Playground Fest (Aug '22)

Heartwood Music Festival (Feb '22, '23, '24)

Dion Dia's THE BIG SHO (Apr '23)

The BASH Music Fest (Nov '22)

For booking requests please email:
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